Which gins are the best?

Due to an increase in the popularity of Gin, there is such a huge items for choosing from that it is sometimes difficult to see which would be the best candidate to be the best Gin in the world “or indeed the Gin of Gins”.

10 the Best Gin in the World

  • Tanqueray Nº. Have
  • Monkey 47
  • Caorunn
  • Sipsmith London Dry
  • Hendrick’s
  • Beefeater 24
  • Brooklyn gin
  • Portobello Road
  • Brockmans
  • Bloom London Dry

These are all really great gins, and while I feel it’s unfair to declare an outright winner, it’s a ruthless world full of winners and losers, which is why my particular favorite stands out duly in the conclusion.


  1. Gin Geek Rating – 97/100
  2. Distiller – Diago Plc
  3. Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 41.1%
  4. Country – Scotland (originated in Brazil)

Its excellent bottling: Presented in a beautiful green Art Deco style bottle, with its red wax seal which is the official seal of Tanqueray. It must be one of the most distinctive gin bottles out there. An excellent addition to your selection of homemade drinks, or as a fabulous gift.

The delicious gin: This is such a versatile gin, great with tonic water and a grapefruit slice, also a great base for any gin cocktail.

The extraordinary botanists: Made with fresh citrus, plus chamomile and juniper flowers, coriander, angelica, and licorice.

Some curiosity: Made in small batches, this Gin gets its name from the number 10 that is still distilled.

Its perfect way to serve it: Tanqueray No. Ten with ice, tonic water, plus a grapefruit slice.


  1. Gin Geek Rating – 98/100
  2. Distiller – Black Forest Distillers
  3. Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 47%
  4. Country – Germany (Black Forest)

Its excellent bottling: A rather scary looking bottle of “poison” complete with a cork that one can’t help but feel that when opened will dispense smoke all over the bar. Coupled with the label that appears to be a large postage stamp from a forgotten Victorian era, it certainly packs a punch.

The delicious gin: This is the Jaegermeister of the gin world, with a whopping 47 botanists, you name it, it’s there. Without a doubt, a premium gin that uses the freshest carefully selected ingredients. So many flavors, you can really get the taste of Black Forrest.

The extraordinary botanists: Here we go…. Juniper, acacia, flag, bell pepper, almond, orange, pepper (4 types), blackberry, cardamom, cassia, cinnamon, pink mallow, lemon verbena, clove, coriander, blueberry, grapefruit, cubeb, dog rose, elderflower , ginger, grains of paradise, fir, hawthorn berries, sage, ambrette, honeysuckle, jasmine, kaffir lime, lavender, lemon, chamomile, lemon balm, lemongrass, licorice, bee balm, nutmeg, lily, rosehip, sloes, angelica root, acacia flowers, bramble, lingonberry.

Some curiosity: Named not because its alcohol content (ABV) is 47%, but it is in memory of Montgomery Collins and his monkey, Max, plus the reference to the 47 botanicals that this gin contains.

Its perfect way to serve it: Monkey 47 on ice and Ginger ale (I don’t think you need garnishing due to the 47 botanicals!).

Monkey 47 is an eclectic mix with many layers that is sure to keep your taste buds entertained. Great for gin cocktails too.


  1. Gin Geek Rating – 94/100
  2. Distiller – Balmenach Distillery
  3. Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 41.8%
  4. Country – Scotland

Its excellent bottling: A distinctive clear bottle that emphasizes its clean ingredients, including natural Scottish water.

The delicious gin: Clean, crisp, slightly sweet, with floral and citrus tones. Quad distilled (why make it once when you can make it four times?), And it’s made in small batches. Using natural Scottish water and 11 botanical ingredients.

The extraordinary botanists: Juniper berries, cassia bark, lemon peel, coriander seed, angelica root, orange peel, rowan berry, swamp myrtle, heather, blush apple, dandelion leaf.

Some curiosity: Pronounced “ka-roon”, this is the Gaelic word for Rowanberry.

Its perfect way to serve it: Caorunn with ice, tonic water and red apple slices.


  1. Gin Geek Rating – 93/100
  2. Distiller – William Grant & Sons
  3. Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 41.4%
  4. Country – Scotland

Its excellent bottling:

I love this bottle, it is in the same vein as Monkey 47. A very Gothic / Victorian style bottle that could easily be displayed on the shelf in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab when he created “The Monster”.

The delicious gin:

Hendrick gin distillates in tiny batches of just 500 liters for better quality control. The inclusion of the cucumber certainly explains the distinctive fresh taste.

The extraordinary botanists:

Juniper, orange peel, yarrow, chamomile, coriander and infused with Bulgarian rose petals and cucumber.

Some curiosity:

Hendrick’s Gin is actually a combination of two different spirits from two still images.

Its perfect way to serve it:

Hendrick is with ice, tonic water, plus a couple of cucumber slices for garnish.


A dry and crisp gin with hints of cucumber. Don’t overdo the cucumber garnish as it can overpower.


  1. Gin Geek Rating – 89/100
  2. Distiller – Beefeater Distillery
  3. Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 45%
  4. Country – England

Its excellent bottling: Fabulous bottle of intense red color, really striking, highlighting its oriental roots. A master class in design.

The delicious gin: With the inclusion of a number of traditional Japanese botanicals, can I be so cliche (well, I’m going to be cliche anyway) to say that you have a true taste of the old colonial East? It’s a sweeter, drier Gin, and it comes to life when garnished with a slice of grapefruit.

The extraordinary botanists: Juniper, Japanese sencha, Chinese green tea, grapefruit peels, lemon peel, almond, Seville orange peel, coriander seed, orris root, licorice root, angelica root, angelica seed.

Some curiosity: When in Japan, the Master Distiller of Beefeaters (Desmond Payne) mixed his Gin with cold green tea instead of the local sweet waters of tonics (since quinine was prohibited by tonics), and thus decided to incorporate it into a Gin, he was born Beefeater 24.

Its perfect way to serve it: Beefeater 24 with ice, tonic water and a slice of grapefruit.

This is a very unique tasting gin, one that you would enjoy in lieu of a dessert wine.


  1. Gin Geek Rating – 92/100
  2. Price Range – Warwick Valley Winery
  3. Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 40%
  4. Country – United States (New York)

Its excellent bottling: I really like the design, with the Art Deco look reminding me of the style seen during the Prohibition era.

The delicious gin: It’s no surprise if I told you that this Gin is made in the old United States of A. It consists of fresh (not frozen) citrus peels and hand-broken juniper. This gin is produced in small batches and is clean enough to drink straight over ice.

The extraordinary botanists: Juniper, angelica root, lemon peel, lime peel, orange peel, lavender.

Some curiosity: These guys peel the oranges for this gin by hand (maybe they’ll get an orange peeler for their birthday).

Its perfect way to serve it: Brooklyn Gin with ice, tonic water, orange slices, lime and some thyme.


  1. Gin Geek Rating – 96/100
  2. Distiller – Brockmans Distillery
  3. Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 40%
  4. Country – Scotland

Its excellent bottling: This dark black bottle with the Brockmans logo has a great feeling of being and wouldn’t look out of place on the Harry Potter set (if Harry were allowed to drink! Well … I think he’s old enough enough).

The delicious gin: Brockmans is an independent English gin company that distills in a 100 year old traditional copper alembic. This gin has a subtle sweet touch, citrus undertones, and in my opinion it’s the berries that really stand out. An excellent summer gin with Ginger Ale, I personally prefer this cigar over ice as it is that smooth.

The extraordinary botanists: Juniper, blackberries, blueberries, coriander, angelica root, orris root, cassia bark, licorice, orange peel, lemon peel, almond.

Some curiosity: In the words of the creators of this Gin, “The goal was to create a gin so smooth and sensual, you would want to drink it pure over ice.” Mission accomplished, I say, since I’m a bit of a queer when it comes to clean spirits, but this is so good.

Its perfect way to serve it Brockmans Gin: Brockmans with ice, tonic water (or Ginger Ale in summer), pink grapefruit peel and some blueberries.

A fabulous summer gin that’s so smooth you can even drink it plain over ice (and not cough a lung in the process).


  • Gin Geek Rating – 91/100
  • Distiller – Distillers G and J
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – 40%
  • Country – England

Its excellent bottling. Classic bottle design and discreet label, although there is nothing to highlight. Could do a makeover to add a little character. The Geneva, however, is another matter.

Delicious citrus tones with a floral hint of honeysuckle and chamomile. What I love about this Gin is that it shows that we don’t need a ton of botanicals to produce a fabulous Gin, well made Joanne Moore (Master Distiller).

The extraordinary botanists: Honeysuckle, chamomile and grapefruit.

Some curiosity: Created by Joanne Moore, one of the world’s first Gin Master stills. Go Girl !, show the guys a thing or two!

Its perfect way to serve it: Bloom London Dry with ice, tonic water and strawberries.

BLOOM London Dry is another fabulous summer gin that would also make a perfect dessert.

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