The first gin in the world produced with coca leaves is called Amuerte. This very particular liquor has been developed in Belgium, in one of the oldest distilleries in the country. The aromatic profile of this product is unique, as is its raw material, which comes directly from Peru. The perfect ingredient for Gin & Tonic cocktail of 2022!

Amuerte coca leaf gin
Amuerte coca leaf gin: black and white editions

A Gin With Coca Leaves

Its full name is Amuerte Coca Leaf Gin and it is the result of an experience lived by the founders of the distillery. They were inspired by the ritual of the South American tribe. Even today, native tribes of the Colombian rainforests chew the leaves of the coca plant on ceremonial occasions. For this people the coca leaf is an intangible cultural heritage. For us this is exotic ingredient for gin manufacture.

In this drink we can also find other exotic ingredients: tamarind, for example, adds a citrus note, along with papaya and dragon fruit, which perfume the drink with sweet notes.

But even more surprising is the bottle, the work of Havi Cruz and Adrián Domínguez, two South American designers. They have made their graphic design on the bottle in gold leaf on a black background. But there is nothing unusual about the bottle shape. It’s simple rectangular bottle with a volume of 700 milliliters.

Amuerte Gin - Brief Information:

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