There is no limit to perfection in the world of alcoholic beverages. As an example Anty Gin. It’s weird, and a very expensive gin. The main characteristic of this drink its being made by distilling sixty red wood ants! This is the first gin that contains insects. Would you taste the cocktail made from insects?

Anty Gin Review
Red Ants Are Now Used to Make Gin

Anty Gin is an English premium gin, made by The Cambridge Distillery in collaboration with the non-profit food research organization Nordic Food Lab. The main botanical is the essence of about sixty red wood ants, also known as fire ants European or Rufous Formica. With the help of insects, the gin makers got a strange citrus note, similar to those of lemon or lime.

How to Make Gin With Fire Ants?

This gin is the result of research work on red ants, and what possibilities does formic acid have for flavoring alcoholic beverages. The red wood ant has been chosen for this elaboration due to its high content of formic acid. This substance reacts with alcohol, offering flavors and aromas never seen before for gin.

The distillation of ants in Anty Gin is complemented by other more common botanicals such as nettle, celery seeds or the essential juniper to achieve a harmonious, surprising and extremely pleasant set on the palate. The elaboration is, of course, handmade and individual.

Anty Gin is presented in a 700ml square bottle with straight shoulders, with a label glued by hand and written on a typewriter from 1924. Despite the redness of the ants that make it possible, allusions to they and the rest of the details are black.

If you want to taste the gin with red ants you have to fork out for a bottle. A 700ml bottle of Anty Gin will lighten your wallet by about $280. It’s up to you whether it’s expensive or not. But I would prefer a classic gin. Hendrick’s for example.

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