Meet with us this London Dry Gin type gin that, thanks to its exclusive blend of botanicals and teas, offers nuances that are difficult to match.

The beefeaters, known officially as Yeomen custodians, an English term that has been used since medieval times, are in charge of watching over anyone who has been imprisoned in the Tower of London. This historic fortress, erected at the foot of the Thames, houses within it the Crown Jewels, for which the beefeater are also responsible.

Curiously, these anachronistic antecedents lead us to a gin inspired by the most modern London. And it is that, from the Middle Ages, the Beefeater 24 only keeps the name. The letter of presentation of this gin is the delicate mixture of botanicals and exotic teas that allow it to offer an exceptional aroma.

The Secret: The Selection of Botanicals

To discuss its composition, we must list a large number of botanicals, each with a unique function. Two types of teas are used, Japanese sencha, from the slopes of Mount Fuji, and Chinese green tea, which adds light tannins to the mix. Citrus fruits are also important in the elaboration of this spirit. The use of grapefruit peel, from Spain and peeled by hand, the lemon peel, which adds a touch of acid, and the peel of bitter Seville oranges are striking.

Additionally, the essential, juniper, is combined with almonds, licorice root, coriander seed, angelica root and seed, and lily root. In case you have not counted this far, there are twelve elements that are used during the production of the Beefeater 24. Each and every one of them is macerated for 24 hours to achieve more intense and sophisticated nuances.

The Essence of London in Every Corner of Your Bottle

Starting this article by explaining what beefeaters are and their relationship with the city of London has not been a whim. Actually, it is almost an obligation if we want to convey to you the concept that the gin in question follows. From the moment its bottle passes into your hands, you will observe some elements that relate it to the English city.

On the one hand, you should look at its scarlet color that mimics the Ruby of the Black Prince. This huge gem is one of the most striking precious materials of the Imperial State Crown. Nor should we overlook the relief, which takes its inspiration from the Arts and Crafts style and makes reference to the twelve botanicals used.

Similarly, there is no lack of the signature of Desmond Payne, the master distiller, nor the skyline that make up the buildings of the square mile, which focuses on the most modern and contemporary London. The finishing touch is put on by a tiny crow with a key in its beak. This is the one that gives access to the royal relics.

The aroma of this gin is complex and harmonious. Its notes are mainly starred by citrus, juniper and sencha tea. In a matter of seconds, these give way to angelica and coriander, which makes it somewhat spicy. In the mouth, grapefruit and orange are immediately perceived, followed by juniper and liquorice. The element that balances it all is Chinese green tea.

Its flavor and aroma make this gin perform well in a wide variety of settings. It is perfect to take with tonic and a slice of grapefruit. It can also be combined with fresh lemon juice, pomegranate syrup and sweet vermouth. Finally, it is possible to enjoy it in a more refreshing setting, with Lillet Blanc, lemon, elderberry and tonic, crowning the glass with basil.

Beefeater 24 is a London Dry Gin type gin that is presented in a 70cl bottle, narrow and slender, with a large number of decorative details. It has a graduation of 45% Vol.

Beefeater 24 Gin - Brief Information:

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