Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve is an artisan gin labeled ultra premium. It is distilled in an alembic made in the 19th century and subsequently aged in oak barrels. Unlike the rest of gins that are marketed under the Beefeater brand, this is a distillate that should be consumed alone, keeping it away from those combined with tonic and other drinks.

The exclusivity of this gin comes from its production process in small quantities. Desmond Payne, the master distiller at Beefeater, carefully follows the entire procedure to ensure that each bottle in Burrough’s Reserve has been given enough time.

The return to the origins

We are facing a gin based on a formula with more than 150 years. Its name pays tribute to James Burrough, the founder of the house. Production is carried out by the “alembic number 12”, which only has a capacity of 268 liters. This is a consciously imposed limitation for this gin to be made in small batches. In fact, the number of bottles produced is so low that they even carry their own numbering on the label.

After distillation, it is time to settle. In the case of the Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve, the place of maturation is some oak barrels used for the production of Jean de Lillet that the same master Desmond Payne selects personally. Interestingly, it has been considered that where this popular drink taken as an aperitif is born is the ideal place for the most exclusive Beefeater gin to rest.

Think different and you will get it right

Burrough’s Reserve’s unique manufacturing process could only result in a truly exclusive gin. According to its creator, it is a celebration of the legacy of an iconic brand in the world of spirits such as Beefeater. Limited production, with batches of 900 liters, in a historic alembic and maturing in very specific barrels, impregnated with the aroma of Jean de Lillet. It is one of the few gins that age and is designed to be taken cold, alone and in a small glass, replacing drinks such as whiskey or rum. Everything seems to confirm the premise that thinking differently is also correct.

Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve is a golden-colored gin, with a floral aroma dominated by vanilla that flows into juniper. Its flavor is smooth, but at the same time complex. The journey on the palate stops at citrus notes, a shy juniper flavor and, finally, a touch of spice. It is a distillate with an alcoholic graduation of 43% vol. Its 70 cl bottle, with a wooden stopper, includes embossed decorations reminiscent of the juniper plant and other flowers.

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