The Beefeater brand has been one of the best-known gin brands worldwide for years. The successful history of the James Burrough Distillery began with the London Dry Gin. It follows a classic gin traditions: juniper and some citrus aromas at 40% and 47% ABV. With the Beefeater 24, the company entered the premium gin segment in 2008, which didn’t really exist at the time. But what is behind the new brand naming? Let’s dive into details and make good quality Beefeater 24 review.

Manufacture of the Beefeater 24

The basis of the Beefeater 24 gin is the recipe of the classic London Dry Gin. There are grapefruit from Seville and a tea blend made from Japanese Sencha tea and Chinese green tea. These two spices give the gin a very soft aroma. By the way, the 24 that gives it its name does not come from the number of botanicals(as we see at Monkey 47 Gin), but from the 24-hour maceration of the spices. The spices of most gins are macerated before they are distilled. The 24 hours are actually not that long either.

Tea as a Botanical for Gin

The challenge in the production of the Beefeater 24 comes from the teas used. If you inexperienced in the art of distillation, the bitter substances of the tea are transferred to the gin. As a result for it will surely find no followers and fans. But Master Distiller Desmond Payne has solved this issue with flying colors. And now it’s one of the most recognized gin distillers in the world.

First Impression

It is difficult to review a well-known brand of gin. When everything has already been said, all that is left to do is to applaud. But we will be consistent and try to share with you our puny opinion about this drink. Let’s start with a first impression. You can recognize the shape of the bottle, as it follows the well-known bottle of Beefeater London Dry Gin: a clear rectangular bottle.

Tasting the Beefeater 24 Gin

An interesting presentation, an overall well-rounded story about the product and one of the most famous master distillers. But what is the taste behind it?

The gin has a classic and particularly mild nose, a light juniper can be recognized. But overall, the nose is not particularly diverse or provides any particular depth. Also a light juniper on the palate. The mildness of the gin is particularly striking. In addition to some juniper, only a few other aromas develop. The gin looks simple and without many frills on the palate.

The finish evaporates quickly, the gin doesn’t with complexity or intense aromas. The tea aromas cannot be felt either! Just marketing. A lot of people have expected significantly more from premium gin. If you look at the price compared to other gins, there are some better choices. So, Beefeater 24 isn’t about for pure enjoyment, the gin aromas have to be emphasized in G&T or in cocktails.

Nevertheless, we are a little surprised, because the gin always scores very well in numerous blind tastings of renowned spirits competitions. Maybe we got a “bad bottle”. We will do another tasting on occasion. And please don’t forget, our opinion is just one opinion. I would like to see in comment your thoughts about Beefeater 24.

Beefeater 24 Gin - Brief Information:

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