Berkeley Square is a purely herbaceous gin, made with the special presence of basil, lavender and kafir lime leaves. A young and smooth ‘gin’, especially prone to tasting alone, only escorted by ice.

A herbaceous triumvirate sketched by Joanne Moore, Britain’s only master distiller, is responsible for giving Berkeley Square gin its unique character. One of the most popular ultra-premium London Dry Gins.

First of all, basil, which ensures the consistency of its deep and persistent aroma; secondly, lavender, which brings that delicate floral touch so pleasant on the palate and which is so captivating by the smell; and finally the kafir lime leaves, with its unique touch of citrus as well as sweet, so surprising in the tasting.

The leading trio together with the essential juniper and the rest of botanists assure that after the very careful distillation carried out in a small and artisanal alembic using the “Garni Bouquet” method, reserved for the most distinguished gins, the herbaceous imprint that characterizes it overflows.

That aroma and flavor that evoke the distinction of the London neighborhood that lends it its name. That elegance and freshness typical of a refined, delicate, fine, smooth and young distillate, conceived in fact in 2009, and which is considered by many to be “the single malt of gins”.

Although Berkeley Square can be enjoyed in a gin and tonic, always without any additives that disturb its genuine personality, it is advisable to taste it alone, accompanied only by ice. This is how its transparency and purity are best appreciated. The harmony of its organoleptic qualities. The delicacy with which it crosses the palate and leaves a memory in the mouth.

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