Although it is a London Dry Gin, the Bimber Distillery gin is reminiscent of the gins made on the other side of the Atlantic, in the United States, due to the predominance of coriander and the more earthy character of its tasting.

It does not matter that the distillery was founded in August 2015. Nor that the first bottle to leave its facilities in Park Royal, west of London, was of vodka. Nor that its name, Bimber, comes from Polish and refers to illegal alcohol. They know how to make spirits and we know how to appreciate it.

Although his two copper stills, named Doris and Astraea, are busy distilling one of the first malt whiskeys made in London for over a century, a distillate that will see the light of day in a couple of years, his sister the Astraeus pot. has been in charge of a much closer product, more typical of the city where they are located: the Bimber Distillery London Dry Gin.

As its more complete name indicates, the gin from the Bimber distillery is part of the classic London gins. It uses a recipe that we could consider typical, although the result once tasted may recall references made on the other side of the Atlantic, more than the usual labels from the old continent and, specifically, from the English domains.

Because in this London Dry Gin it obviously takes the side of juniper. Citrus comes in, with orange and lemon. Cinnamon also intervenes, with its distinctive touch. And angelica root, as fragrant as it is. However, the one who ends up dominating the tasting of this gin is coriander, which prevails. It is more contemporary than the traditional ones of its kind. More earthy, dry, yet fresh.

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