Citadelle Gin Review
Citadelle – French Gin

In my Citadelle gin review, I’ll take you to the region north of Bordeaux, to Cognac. To be more precise, to the Chateau de Bonbonnet near the small French town of Ars. This is where Master Distillateur Alexandre Gabriel from Cognac-Ferrand produces the Citadelle Gin. The favorite brand of bartenders which will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year(2021). Gin from France? Yes, in addition to red wines and cognac, there is the gin in the region around Bordeaux. The gin that comes from France is a bit extraordinary. Do you know why? Because this gin was made from cognac.

The Citadelle flagship gin was born on a hot summer day in 1996. On that day in the family members started the challenge over lunch. The aim was to get the French summer into a glass. In addition to the juniper aroma, other various botanicals should characterize this unique gin. The discussion about the right ingredients shifted directly to the distillery to the open copper kettle and experimentation began.

Citadelle Gin Botanicals

As a rule, before we dive into the Citadelle gin taste review. We should tell some worlds about the botanical centerpiece of this beverage. Except for the juniper berry, there are a lot of other botanicals in Citadelle Gin. The whole list of gin ingredients you can find below in this article. The manufacturer uniquely processes the ingredients. It’s called: progressive infusion method. In 2014, manufacturers received a patent for this method.

The infusion times are between 24 and 72 hours. Then the individual macerated put together in the 2500 liter copper kettle and distilled over an open flame.

Tasting of the Citadelle Gin

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On the nose, the Citadelle Gin is ordinary and it’s difficult to pick out from other gins. The juniper is not strong, the coriander plays the leading role here. One would have expected a little more complexity with the 19 botanicals used. There is also a clear lack of complexity and aroma on the palate. Instead of juniper and the large number of advertised botanicals, you have a light alcohol note and aromas that are reminiscent of minerals as the driving force. The taste is also not very intense.

Unfortunately, the alcohol also develops a slight burning sensation on the tongue, which also dominates the finish a little too much. The finish itself lacks the aromas, the gin tastes flat and perhaps with the 19 botanicals used, the expectations of the tester have been raised a little too high.

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