A new gin from Germany has appeared in our collection. This the Duke – Munich Dry Gin from Aschheim. Let’s see what we can tell you about the production and the botanicals of this gin. As was said earlier it has been manufactured in Aschheim near Munich and no in Munich Schwabing as it was originally. The makers of Duke recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a huge party, and opened a new distillery in Aschheim. By the way, the gin is named after Duke Heinrich the Lion, Munich’s city founder from 1158.

The Duke Munich Dry Gin Review


The Duke is based on a mixture of different wheat distillates. And of course, all ingredients are from organic farming. That is why the gin has an organic certificate on its label. One of the main botanicals in this gin is the cubeb pepper. It is a sweet & mild type of pepper with a pleasant light peppery taste that is perceived as eucalyptus-like. Cubeb pepper has a really unique taste, which is why it can be combined well with other botanicals.

In addition to the required juniper, there are:

  • Lemon peel
  • Ginger
  • Coriander
  • Lavender flowers
  • Orange blossom
  • Cinammon

Since The Duke is a Bavarian product, hop blossoms and malt should not be missing from the distillation. A total of 13 botanicals are used for this gin preparation. You can find a detailed botanicals list below. After maceration, the ingredients are distilled twice.

Bottle Design and First Impression

The bottle created of white glass in the old pharmacy style. The coat of arms of Bavaria are embossed into the bottle. The coat of arms also there is on the front label. It should be noted that there is always different slogans on the back label. So, if you buy a bottle of the Duke Munich Dry Gin you will become the owner of a unique bottle. First impression: you are holding in your hands an inexpensive but high-quality product. But as we know, the first appearances can be deceptive. A super stylish bottle can hide a tasteless beverage. And on the contrary, an unremarkable bottle may contain the drink of kings. Okay, let’s tasting this gin.

Tasting the Duke Munich Dry Gin and Review

When we remove the wooden cork, it gives off a strong aroma of juniper mixed with the sharpness of the alcohol. With 45% ABV is one of the stronger gin. Let me remind you that for tasting the aroma characteristics we use: nosing glass. Our overwhelming impression: there are citrus and floral notes of lavender and orange blossom. But the first sip lets the full-bodied aroma of untreated juniper berries and the cubeb pepper explode with its eucalyptus-like.

There is pleasant sharpness. In addition to the main botanical, the citrus and slightly floral notes of lavender also appear. In the finish, hops and malt are really noticeable. How about serve? Duke Munich is classic dry gin with 45% ABV. So, pure or on ice, it will be too hot for most of us or, as the Bavarian says, “too racy”. We recommend the Duke with an Indian tonic, with an orange or lemon zest and a lot of ice.


Now our the Duke Munich Dry Gin review has come to the end. It’s time for conclusinons. The Duke is a pleasant but spicy dry gin with an interesting combination of botanicals. The dominant cubeb pepper in interaction with the juniper makes it really interesting. The hand-picked botanicals from purely organic cultivation make this gin a first-class pleasure. It’s a really appealing product from Munich.

Duke Munich Dry Gin - Brief Information:

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