Geranium Gin 55 is a premium gin made to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Hammer & Sons gin. Lt., the Geranium. It has 55% ABV! So, this is a gin for real men.

The truth is that we do not know the secrets of the relationship between the British Isles and the quality of gin. However, there are numerous examples of the drink produced by United Kindom that are expanding through other countries at the speed of light.

One of the most well-known examples is Geranium Gin. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a must to underline that it is a drink whose recipe is more than three hundred and fifty years old. Yes it’s amazing Geranium Premium Gin was produced according to a tradition that is over 350 years old! And this is the result of the stubbornness of the patent owner, who long ago decided to try to carry out the creation of a different gin from those that had been created up to that moment.

Geranium 55 Gin Base Note
Geranium Gin Base Note

The main goal was to consolidate a gin that contained several simultaneous traits. On the one hand, that it was capable of transmitting a dry but aromatic. That is, it could be mixed with both natural juices of a tropical character and with tonic. And as the name suggests, to complete this feat he used a geranium flower with a unique typology it is characterized by a singular and striking scent. And it could be used to mix with different botanical plants. The result of which would come out that new kind of gin.

Once brought to the mouth, Geranium Gin contains the flavor that characterizes geranium but can be mixed with other ingredients easily and successfully. Currently it is distributed in 700ml bottles.

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