Citadelle Réserve is a gin made by the Cognac Ferrand distillery, located in France. This distillery was founded by Messrs. Carpeau and Stival in 1775, after obtaining permission from King Louis XVI. It was, in fact, the first to hold the title of Royal Distillery. It is in 1989 when Maison Ferrand decides to produce gin in the same way as it was two centuries ago, regaining the traditional essence that had been lost over the years. Today and after five generations, Alexandre Gabriel and Pierre Ferrand bring us this great distillate.

For the production of this gin, Alexandre Gabriel surprises us using a solera process. Today, few brands make barrel-aged gins, but none follow the solera method. To do this, they place the gin for between 2 and 5 months in different American oak barrels and barrels that contained Pineau Charente. After resting during these months in barrels, a percentage of the content of each one is taken to a new container, where it will be mixed. It is a very limited production.

Gin Citadelle Réserve is presented in a semi-opaque, white bottle, with black labels with white and gold details. It has a capacity of 70 centiliters and the Citadelle Réserve an alcoholic graduation of 44.7% in the vintage of 2011. The label shows the distillation date, the barrel number and the bottle number.

Gin Citadelle Réserve - Brief Information:

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