Today we would like to tell about really special gin for you. To be honest, it took us two tries to write about this Spanish gin. However after intensive research, we now realize why it tastes the way it tastes. When I tried Nordes Gin for the first time, I got the feeling that there was some kind of dishwashing detergent left in the glass. I even washed my glass. But no, I was wrong, the intense taste came from the gin and not from any dish soap.

Nordes Gin Review
One of the most internationally known Spanish gins: Nordes

Let’s briefly come to the history and the making of this gin. It all started with the gathering over dinner of a sommelier, a wine entrepreneur and a master distiller for spirits. They dreamed of making a Galician gin that would be different from all other classic gins by adding local ingredients. And they did it. In 2012, was maked the first completely Galician gin. Its presentation leaves no room for doubt: «We are Galicians, by birth and by conviction. We are artisans, by tradition and by principles ».

Bottle Design

The white lacquered bottle with the continents and the production site in the center and the north wind rose underline it’s truly unique character. This is filled in a small distillery in San Pedro de Sarandón.


As a base spirit for the gin uses white Albarino grape is used, which already has the fruity aromas. Albarino grape creates the unique smell and taste of the distillate. The seaweed creates the characteristic and some soapy taste. However, which, stands out more as a balsamic aroma on second contact and more intensive tasting. This truly unique Galician gin is created through the maceration of the botanicals and the subsequent slow distillation.

When you open the cap of the bottle for the first time,you immediately smell that the Spaniard does not come up with the typical gin aromas. I have the feeling that I can smell a summer bouquet of flowers or rather perfume. Unfortunately for me it is more of a smell reminiscent of soap. If you deal more intensively with the gin, these soapy nuances can then be perceived as balsamic aromas.

Served Perfectly

As a gin & tonic, it is recommended with lots of ice, a natural tonic water and a few grapes as an addition. Here, the floral notes and herbal nuances are brought to the fore. Since the balsamic aroma is too strong for me personally, I tried a lemon tonic with lots of ice and a slice of lime on recommendation.


The Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin is really something very extraordinary, but the two of us will probably not become really big friends. I’m actually really into peppermint and eucalyptus. But in connection with the balsamic aromas, that’s too much in this gin. The variant with the lemon tonic works relatively well for me, because the nuances of the gin are pushed into the background due to the strong aroma of the tonic. However, this gin belongs in every good collection, if only because of the prominent bottle.

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