Star of Bombay is a gin of English origin, premium class and London Dry type. With 47.5% alcohol by volume, this gin presented in mid-2015 follows the recipe of the original Bombay to add bergamot peel and ambrette seeds.

These two botanicals added to which are the bases of all Bombay gins, juniper, coriander, lemon peel, lily, angelica root, almonds, licorice and cassia, add an intense and particular citrus touch at the same time as an elegant complexity, with an appetizing floral character.

The Star of Bombay gin appears on the nose as a classic Bombay, although with a greater strength and a tastier sensation given by its distillation method, which is slower and quieter than the one normally used.

On the palate, the new Bacardi reference stands out for its great smoothness, a remarkable body and a flavor that resembles that of aged alcohols, making it ideal to drink either on its own with ice or in a gin tonic or other cocktail.

Gin Star of Bombay - Brief Information:

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