It is an Ultra Premium gin, 40.0% alc./vol., Obtained with Ugni Blanc de Cognac grape alcohol, which is distilled with vine flowers and to which the individually distilled botanicals are added.

The botanicals used are juniper, orange, lime, coriander, licorice, green cardamom, cassia, nutmeg, and cubeba.

The final product, soft, velvety, fresh and light on the palate, somewhat sweet, with a predominance of the floral flavor, which masks the juniper: on the nose, it is very aromatic, the floral aroma also predominated.

It is a recent designer gin of French origin, manufactured by Euro Wine Gate. It is presented in a modern 70 cl bottle, with classic lines with a green neck and top.

G’vine Floraison Gin - Brief Information:

Country of Origin
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Gin Base Spirit