Today we will talk about another premium gin. We prepared for you the Hendricks gin review, and tasting report. The Hendrick’s Gin is something extraordinary. The basis of the gin is two different distillates. One distilled in a Bennet still (pot still), one in a “Carter-Head”. These two distillates are then mixed. Then the flavors are added: essence of rose and cucumber. That’s why Hendrick’s Gin sometimes called “cucumber gin”. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start our review from the very beginning.

Brief Introduction

There is a date on the Hendrick’s Gin label: “Est 1886”. It gives the impression that this beverage has a long tradition. But this date is only the year in which William Grant founded his first whiskey distillery. William Grant & Sons, better known for an excellent whiskey, started making Hendrick Gins in 1999. After launch in the USA, the product is now available in many other countries, including Spain, Germany and of course the UK. From 2003 the Hendricks was also introduced in Germany under the liquor dealer Camparie.

Hendrick’s Gin Story

Hendrick’s Gin has a fresh scent of cucumber, rose petals and citrus. It is a complex gin with a taste of juniper and citrus that… Read more

First Impressions About Hendrick’s Gin

You can hardly escape the marketing of Hendrick’s. I like the bottle of Hendrick’s gin. A black bottle with the name engraved on the cap and the bottle itself exudes a certain elegance. The label is nicely designed, with Victorian elements and a juniper branch. The bottle is reminiscent of the medical origins of gin and is closed with a cork. When the bottle is opened, it “pops” particularly nicely. It congratulates you on buying the gin, even before the first aromas will get your nose.

Tasting of Hendrick’s Gin Review

The main question why this gin should be so damn special. The juniper is very reticent in the nose. A slightly sweet smell is formed which forms an unusual, floral nose. The gin is mild. The mildness continues on the palate, as does the reluctance of the juniper. In return, the rose essences come into their own and the floral taste prevails. The pepper also gives the gin a bit of spiciness in the aftertaste, which, together with a sweet-floral aroma, lingers on the palate for a few moments.

Hendricks gin review
Hendrick’s Gin

Make long story short this is a consistent gin that cannot boast further impressions. And it is difficult to feel the taste of the cucumber. Despite the fact that sometimes Hendrick’s called “cucumber gin”.

Tonic Water for Hendrick’s Gin

Thomas Hendry Tonic Water

An intense tonic water: a very good balance of fine citrus aromas and accentuated bitter notes. In combination with the Hendrick’s you can clearly see the gin. The gin flavors remain clear, served with a piece of cucumber the flavors of the gin are further emphasized.

Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water

The restrained tonic water with fine citrus aromas gives Hendrick’s gin the space it needs to breathe. A pleasant bitter note in the finish makes the combination a strong gin & tonic.


It’s time to draw conclusions. We made a detailed hendricks gin review for you. But what is theory without practice? You need to buy and taste this gin. There are always two options. You either like it or not like this beverage. In fact, the Hendricks polarized and divides gin fans into two camps. But I like to have the Hendrick’s on the shelf, and have had to fill it up several times. I like the Hendrick’s bottle style. It’s really looks like a traditional apothecary bottle. The gin is particularly impressive as a gin & tonic with its unique combination with cucumber. All in all, Hendrick’s Gin can be classified in the “classic” category and, in my opinion, should not be missing on any home gin shelf.

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