Dry and delicate, fruity, citrus notes followed by dominant juniper. You can appreciate the coriander, the freshness of the licorice and some subtle hints of roots. Finish with a burst of citrus peel flavors.

Junipero Gin is a handcrafted gin following the tradition of classical distillation, using more than a dozen botanicals in their natural state, in a small copper alembic in a small distillery on Potrero Hill, San Francisco. The history of gin dates back to at least the mid-1600s in Holland, but its true antecedents are much older. The predominant flavor and aroma of a modern gin will always come from the juniper. But the wonderful challenge for the distiller takes place during the selection and blending of a wide variety of additional exotic botanicals, in order to impart a uniquely satisfying and balanced character to the gin.

At Anchor Distilling they have a final formula that should remain a secret, but they expect us to enjoy a distinctive intriguing complexity of their Junipero Gin, a light, fresh and clean gin, combining a deep and mysterious spicy flavor, with a subtle delicacy.

Junipero Gin - Brief Information:

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