Master’s Gin is a triple distillation gin, made using a process that guarantees perfect maturation. We could say that this is slow and calm, as it is based on the maceration of the skin of lemons, sweet oranges and bitter oranges. For forty days and forty nights they rest waiting for the addition of three other ingredients, ideal to give it a characteristic aroma. We refer to juniper, coriander and cardamom. The final result is a gin with a graduation of 43.9%.

The extraordinary mix of ingredients has led to this gin being considered the best in the world according to some of the most popular competitions, such as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the New York World Wine Competition and the China Wine An Spirits Awards.

Born from the centennial experience of a Catalan distillery

To better understand the concept behind Master’s Gin, we must look at its background. Behind this contemporary gin that follows the London Dry Gin method, stands MG Destilerías, a Catalan family business based in Vilanova i la Geltrú. There are already five generations that put the care and dedication that the elaboration of a distillate of these characteristics requires.

Founded in 1835, MG Destilerías began its journey in the world of syrups and horchatas. However, the innovation came 45 years later, in 1880, when they began to produce their first liqueurs and spirits. Finally, in 1940, their first gin arrived, the Gin MG, made from cereals and juniper berries that were collected in their own fields. Currently, MG Destilerías also has a headquarters in Havana, Cuba, where they work with the objective of importing the best spirits from Latin America. They also pamper the northern part of Spain, where they have been distributing a wide variety of wines and spirits from various areas for more than 20 years.

Master’s Gin is perfect for making a good gin and tonic. According to its creators, it is a complete gin, which does not require any great artifice. The proper recipe only requires 50 ml of Master’s Gin, four ice cubes, an orange peel and 200 ml of tonic. And nothing more.

In short, a gin with an excellent value for money. It is crystalline and bright, with intense aromas thanks to the botanicals used and with a mild flavor derived from its distillation process. It is the right choice if you are attracted to citrus, balsamic and somewhat spicy aromas. Do not forget that you can also buy it in its Pink variants, to which natural aromas obtained from the maceration of strawberries and raspberries are added, and Green, which is infused with green apple.

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