Old Raj gin has been produced for almost fifty years. During its preparation, an interesting mixture of botanicals is used, among which are juniper, coriander, Seville orange peel, licorice, Angelica root or nutmeg, among others. To obtain this gin, the pattern of traditional distillation is followed. However, it is just after that when a differential element is added.

Saffron is the valuable ingredient that gives Old Raj Gin its golden color and that makes it such a distinctive product. It is true that finding this type of addition is not strange, since other distilleries already use it in their gins, such as Gabriel Boudier or Indian Summer. However, the key is that the saffron infusion gives good results. The Old Raj Gin manages to maintain the balance and incorporates this ingredient in a subtle way, integrating it into the distillate.

Old Raj Gin, born from experience

We started this article pointing out that Old Raj Gin is about to turn half a century of life. But, that is nothing if we compare it with the distillery that lit it. William Cadenhead Limited was founded in 1842. So we must travel more than 175 years ago to discover the beginnings of this small family business, which was later acquired by a well-known Campbeltown firm, J&A Mitchell & Co.

Today, in addition to the Cadenhead store in Campbeltown, the distillery has locations in Edinburgh and London. It can also be found in Vienna, Milan, Cologne or Berlin. Despite the changes that the brand has undergone during its long history, the patterns set by the original owners are still used to obtain its wide variety of distillates, among which you will find the Old Raj Gin. In addition, the company produces other varieties of gin, such as Old Raj Spiced Gin or Classic Gin.

This translucent gin, in which you can quickly appreciate the aroma of juniper and some citrus notes, has a dry but balanced taste, despite its 55 degrees. Likewise, a slight spicy touch also comes to the fore. Its differential ingredient, saffron, does not monopolize the flavor and does not detract from the Old Raj at all. It is presented in a classic 70cl bottle with a slender body and a screw closure. Despite the large amount of data that we have mentioned, it is most likely that, from the outset, Old Raj Gin ends up captivating you with its golden tint.

Old Raj Dry Gin - Brief Information:

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