Oxley gin is one of the most exclusive and expensive gin in the world, according to its creators. They call it “cold gin” and we’ll see why right away.

As long as the cold exists, there will be Oxley. This English gin was thought a few years ago as an innovative and highly special distillate, being branded the most exclusive gin in the world. The grandiloquence of this statement finds its origin in the renunciation of the typical distillation methods to which the rest of the brands have accustomed us. Heat sources and the typical alembic are left aside, releasing water vapor to carry out an innovative cold distillation.

The process by which this gin is produced, which does not renounce artisanal despite its innovation, requires a temperature of about five degrees below zero. This is the figure they need to infuse the base spirit with the aromas and flavor of the fourteen botanicals that make up their recipe, the way that ensures it is preserved until the process is finished and the drink is bottled.

Getting to this productive method for Oxley took more than eight years of trial. Trial and error, over and over again, until they found exactly the spirit they wanted. Fact achieved in 2009, at Thames Distillers, in the same city of London. Thanks to this cold distillation, the gin was able to maintain the organoleptic qualities of its different botanicals at the same time as enhancing its freshness, thanks above all to the citrus fruits that make it up. Despite everything, as we said, the process continues to be artisanal and production, therefore, is limited. Hence also its exclusivity.

With all this work, a crystalline and clean gin with an intense flavor, surprising freshness and tremendously special aromas, undoubtedly differentiators, is achieved. Oxley, herbaceous and citric, with the presence of spices, it is recommended to take in mixed drinks such as the Dry Martini, in which it will be fully enjoyed.

The bottle

Visually, the drink is presented in a transparent bottle with a sober and slender appearance with a capacity of 1 liter. The lower part of the bottle is metallic and represents the vacuum chamber where cold distillation takes place. It presents a label with the name of the brand where it shows its distinctive and special sign: Cold Distilled.

Oxley Gin - Brief Information:

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