Just in time for Christmas time, the team around Revolte Rum, Felix Kaltenthaler, and Boris Markic, founders of the Agency Gegenwart, are launching their Winter Gin. With the Christmas-themed gin, you are bringing a fruity, exotic gin onto the market that makes you think warm in the cold season. How best to drink this gin, and what taste it has, you will find out if you read further.

Bottle Design

The bottle is slim and square. We recognize this form the other Quarantini gins. There are three labels again, this time in light and dark blue colors. On the front side there are the brand name and refers to the Christmas edition “Winter Gin”. One of the labels on the bottle side explains the story of the winter gin in English and contains information about the new aid project. There is also a handwritten dedication to the buyer. Thanks Felix and Boris. A really nice idea.

Quarantini Winter Gin
Quarantini Winter Gin and Tonic

The third label on the right-hand side of the bottle reveals with pictograms how one supports the water project by drinking Quarantini Gin. The bottle is closed with a wooden cork with plastic head. So let’s removed the cork with a nice “pop” and will pour a sip to try this gin.

Tasting Auarantini Winter Gin

Exotically fruity aromas exude from the glass. Here the papaya really dominates, which is skilfully accompanied by the citrus fruits. In addition, there are fine aromas of winter spices. Cinnamon, cardamom and clove are supported with of vanilla note.

The juniper plays a minor role here. The distillate shimmers slightly gold in the glass and fits in perfectly with the candlelight season. It’s winter outside, Christmas is coming soon. It’s time to try Quarantini Social Winter Gin the most Christmas gin in the world.

On its own, the Quarantini Winter Gin is truly an exotic, slightly Christmassy taste explosion. The winter botanicals give it a warming character. For a Gin & Tonic, we recommend adding the Dry Tonic Water from Doctor Polidori to the Quarantini Winter Gin. With a lot of ice and garnished with a cinnamon star, a delicious long drink for the long winter evenings.


With their Quarantini Winter Gin, Felix and Boris are now expanding their gin range. The fruity papaya is skilfully staged here with winter spices. A touch of vanilla also completes the exotic winter taste experience. A really tasty gin with a hint of Christmas for those long winter evenings by the fireplace by candlelight.

By the way: with every bottle of winter gin, the Quarantini team donates to the organization Viva Con Agua. With the purchase of a bottle, you enable one person in Zambia to be supplied with clean drinking water for one year.

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