By combining an excellent gin with blackberries and syrup, the London-based distillery Sipsmith has created something very special with this simple recipe. Sipsmith Sloe Gin is like liquid candy – for adults.

Particularity of the Sipsmith Sloe Gin

Anyone who would like to take a closer look at the Sloe Gins is in good hands with the Sipsmith Sloe Gin. In addition to the classic Sipsmith London Dry Gin, the Sipsmith Sloe Gin also embodies pleasure that will be remembered for a long time. The fact that this is a real, fine droplet is also reflected, for example, by the gold medal awarded in 2014 at the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition”.

When I visited Sipsmith Distillery in the London borough of Hammersmith on a balmy afternoon in February, not only did I get the opportunity to see the distillery with my own eyes, I also got an introduction to Sipsmith’s oeuvre: Vodka, Gin, Summer Fruit Cup and the exquisite Sipsmith Sloe Gin. It was my first acquaintance with a Sloe Gin and since then I have tasted countless sloe gin from other producers, but always return to Sipsmith’s version. It is a fruit liqueur beyond the usual gin.

What Is Sloe Gin – And How to Drink It?

Sloe gin is a red liqueur with gin and blackberries. It has an alcohol content of between 15 and 30 percent. In the EU, it… Read more

Sipsmith Sloe Gin is made from the distillery’s acclaimed London Dry Gin, which contains ten classic gin ingredients: Macedonian juniper, Bulgarian coriander seeds, French angelica root, Spanish licorice root, Italian orris root, Spanish almonds, Chinese cassia bark, cinnamon from Madagascar, orange peel from Seville and Spanish lemon peel. To bring the gin down to the 41.6% alcohol (ABV), the finished gin is mixed with mineral water from Lydwell Spring, which is one of the sources of the River Thames.

Every year, Sipsmith produces a limited number of Sloe Gin, where large, fat and sweet sloe berries are soaked in their London Dry Gin. As the very last, syrup is added to strike the perfect balance between sweetness, berries and alcohol. It is not more complicated. If you have the courage to make your own sloe gin, Sipsmith has put together a guide to making the perfect berry gin.

Tasting Notes

Sipsmith’s result of this very simple process is nothing short of excellent. The color is clear, dark and ruby red. In the nose you get a feeling of sweet, red berries like black currants and cherries.

In the mouth you sit with a full-bodied, viscous and sweet liqueur with a clear taste of blackberries and notes of dark and ripe cherries and black currants. In the aftertaste, the sweet berries melt quietly and are replaced by a slightly spicy taste.

Sipsmith Sloe Gin and Tonic

Now Sipsmith Sloe Gin is a liqueur of only 29% vol., So it is not suitable for the usual gin and tonic in the ratio 1: 3. Instead, throw yourself over Sipsmith’s own recommendation, an Autumnal G&T: 35ml. Sipsmith London Dry Gin, 20 ml. Sipsmith Sloe Gin, top up with your favorite tonic and garnish with a small slice of orange.

If you can reconcile with the slightly pink color, you get a slightly sweet and fresh gin and tonic here filled with berry and citrus notes – perfect for late summer and autumn, and I would love to serve G&T variant as a welcome drink for the Christmas parties.

Perfect for Drinks

However, it is in relation to drinks that sloe berry excels. Most famous is Sloe Royal, where Sloe Gin is mixed with champagne or another form of dry sparkling wine, or Sloe Gin Fizz which uses Sloe Gin, lemon juice, egg white, simple syrup and champagne.


Sipsmith Sloe Gin is an incredibly soft and pleasant liqueur – a great example of how good a sloe gin can taste. Although it can be enjoyed clean without any problems, it is as part of various drinks that a Sloe Gin comes into its own. Try for everything in the world Sipsmith’s own Autumnal G&T.

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