Tanqueray Malacca is a Premium London Dry type gin with 40.0% alc./vol. It is a wet or wetter version of the classic Tanqueray Gin.

It began to be produced in 2000 following a recipe from 1839 by Charles Tanqueray, and it stopped being made in 2004. Currently, there are not many bottles of these gins left in the world and their price is obviously high.

The botanicals used to make Tanqueray Malacca are secret just like those used in the rest of Tanqueray gins.

The aroma of this Premium gin is citric and fruity, as well as its flavor, also with notable citrus and fruity notes, the juniper practically unnoticed, thus resulting soft and sweet, with a certain bitter finish.

It is presented in a round bottle, with a 70cl golden seal and cap.

Tanqueray Malacca Gin - Brief Information:

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Gin Base Spirit