The premium Portuguese gin Tinto Red Premium Gin is the culmination of a dream of its creator, Joao Guterres, and his sons, Hugo and Marco. Dedicated for decades to gastronomic aromatic plants, he decided to gather his knowledge to make a gin that had the perico(os perícos de valença – spanish) as its main ingredient. A fruit that is characteristic only of this region and has no analogues on a world global scale.

Tinto Gin Main Ingredient
Os Perícos de Valença (es) – Unique Valenca Fruit and Tinto Gin Ingredient

The result Joao Guterres and his sons work was the Tinto Red Premium Gin. The gin that is made with poppy, which gives it that intense red color, and perico, which gives it a flavor similar to that of pear but more intense and sweet.

Of course, there were other botanical components. Juniper and others such as angelica, loureira, willow, lemon verbena, wild blackberries, dill, lavender, orange, catnip and elderberry.

The Tinto Red Premium Gin, which is made in the Decanter distillery, has an alcohol content of 40% ABV, and both smell and taste respond like a gin with a certain sweetness, clean aroma and “a passionate flavor”.

Tinto Gin - Brief Information:

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