In today’s review, we will go to the mountains. To be more precise, we will go to Tyrol. From there we will tell you about the so-called Queen of the Alps. This is the name of the stone pine, which, along with juniper, is the main ingredient in Zirbin Dry Gin. The stone pine this is soft wood with a unique scent. You may know them from the interior design of cozy rooms in the Tyrolean mountains. The resinous and soothing smell and spreads a relaxing and balanced feeling.

Zirbin Dry Gin Review
Zirbin Dry Gin

In the Zirbin Dry Gin, this bouquet of the dignified tree, which can sometimes have a lifespan of up to 1000 years, unfolds stylishly and majestically between other exquisite botanicals.

The Zirbin Dry Gin this is a great sip of Tyrol. You can find out whether the composition is really enough for the throne of the Queen of the Alps in the tasting report below.

Bottle Design

The volume of the bottle is 700 milliliters. The bottle made of transparent glass with a short neck, and is adorned with a noble rectangular label made of embossed paper. The name Zirbin is printed in gold in the center of it. A red pine cone with a golden crown is shown above the title.

The lower part of the label bears the inscription “Gin with Zirbe from Tyrol”, the mandatory information on the alcohol content of 41.5% vol. and the contents of the bottle.

The label on the back also provides information about the stone pine tree and is stylistically complemented by a mountain peak and a stone pine tree. The bottle is closed with a light-colored wooden cork with a plastic insert. The wooden cap is hopefully made of stone pine!

Tasting Zirbin Dry Gin

The Zirbin Gin is also grounded by the earthy tones of angelica and cardamom. A subtle hint of cinnamon also hovers over the glass. When swirling, the distillate has an oily consistency and forms streaks on the glass. A lot of people like that effect.

The botanical’s bouquet of the gin is strong and tickles the nose. In addition to a strong juniper note, the aroma of the stone pine cones comes. There is also a subtle citrus note on the nose. The lavender gives the distillate interesting floral nuances.

And indeed. Oily and mild, the gin spreads smoothly on the tongue. You will immediately feel subtle sweetness. The juniper aroma is in the background alongside the citrus nuances.

The resinous stone pine aroma dominates the mouth. Nuances of the spices like cardamom and coriander play second fiddle, but round off the bouquet skilfully. Ginger also gives the gin a surprising spiciness. In the finish, the stone pine aroma appears again with full goodness and, in addition to fresh citrus tones, remains on the palate for a long time.

Perfectly Served

The Zirbin Dry Gin has a round and extremely complex aroma and can therefore be enjoyed pure or on ice. In my opinion, ice excite the juniper and stone pine aromas a little more.

For a Gin & Tonic, it is best to add the classic Indian Tonic Water from FeverTree to the Zirbin Gin. Because the citrus notes go best with the harmonious Tyrolean hints of the gin. Incidentally, a lemon zest or a sprig of lemon balm is suitable as a garnish.


The Zirbin Dry Gin combines the unique oily and woody character of the Tyrolean stone pine with nine other hand-picked botanicals. The stone pine gives the gin its majestic bouquet and stands for the breathtaking mountain landscape of the Tyrol region.

The gin is an absolute insider tip. A perfect aroma of stone pine. All in all, it is very pleasantly resinous with perfectly nuanced citrus tones. Drinking feels like a walk in the stone pine forest. The design of the bottle is also really beautiful.

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