We were missing the quintessential gin cocktail. Dare I say more, we were missing the quintessential cocktail of all cocktails. The Dry Martini. They say that it is the natural evolution of every good connoisseur of gin. Sophisticated but straightforward, dry and difficult to start with, but patient and grateful in habit.

Known internationally as dry Martini, here in Spain we name it with the prefix Dry so as not to confuse it with the vermouth brand of the same name. It owes much of its fame to having been the reference cocktail of characters like Sinatra, Churchill, Bogart and Rockefeller, without forgetting the classic “shaken, not stirred” of the mythical James Bond.

Today we have launched for him. Simple to prepare for everything it offers, let’s see after the jump how to make this immortal classic among the classics.


  • Gin Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strenght
  • Extra Dry White Martini
  • Ice
  • Olives
  • Chopsticks (extra long)

For your service we will use the only suitable glass, the one with the same name, a Martini glass (better if it was previously in the freezer). We will also need a shaker for mixing and, if possible, a measuring glass, although the latter is not essential.

Step 1. We cool the glass

We serve two ice cubes in the glass and let them rest in it while we make the cocktail. We seek to keep the glass cold for the time of service.

Step 2. We serve the ingredients in the shaker

We put a couple of cubes in the shaker and serve the gin and the Martini. In our case we have used a measuring glass and the following proportions: a centiliter of Martini and five of gin (1: 5).

Since you probably don’t have a measuring glass, don’t give up on this step. We will use our usual account: With the Martini, thanks to its dispenser in the mouth, we serve the time it takes to say 1001. Enough. Gin? The usual measure, we count from 1001 to 1003.

Step 3. We shake

We close the shaker and shake vigorously, to mix all the ingredients and cool them.

Step 4. We serve in the glass

We remove the ice and the water that could form from the glass and serve the mixture from the shaker in it.

Step 5. Seasoning

We take three olives and join them on the tip of a toothpick. We deposit them inclined inside the combined.

Step 6. Enjoy

We have finished this classic. And like any self-respecting classic, there are a thousand ways and measures to prepare it, with other drinks, with lemon instead of olives, mixing it directly in the glass … Endless options with identical results. We have opted for the one shown because it is the most traditional and the original. Remember that it is a dry and difficult drink, but with which with time, or age, it is easy to go from hate to love.

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