We are going to make a striking and refreshing Gin Tonic based on the English Bulldog gin, which has one of the best quality / price ratios on the market. For the preparation of this combination we are going to break some rules dealt with in previous elaborations, such as never using the pulp of citrus fruits because of its devastating effect on the carbonic of the tonic.

However, the striking of the result, as well as the use of a tonic with a higher gas content, will allow us certain licenses when presenting this variety of Gin Tonic.

Let’s see after the jump the preparation of this spectacular citrigintonic.


  • Gin Bulldog
  • Tonic Schweppes
  • Ice
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon

Additionally, we will use a tall glass, with a wide body and thin glass (never a tall glass). For this combination we will not use the classic balloon glass, since, as we will see in the final photos, the result of surrounding the walls of the glass with citrus fruits is much more striking in a wide glass.

We will also use a braided teaspoon to help us decorate the cocktail and to serve the tonic gently.

Step 1. We serve the ice

With abundant and consistent ice we fill the glass enough to prevent the cocktail from heating up immediately but leaving a bit of slack that allows us to then introduce an abundant amount of citrus fruit.

We turn the glass on itself in order to cool down its walls and for the ice to settle. The latter will facilitate the task of seasoning the next step.

In case the ice is not of good quality and when stirring it has released some water, we decant it.

Step 2. Seasoning

We cut a thin slice of each of the citrus fruits and carefully, with the help of the spoon or some tweezers, we place them on the walls of the glass, the ice must act as a support so that they remain fixed and glued to the walls of the glass.

Step 3. We serve the Gin

From a certain height so that it is oxygenated and pouring it in a circle over the glass we serve the Bulldog gin. We serve it in a circle so that it is impregnated with the essence of citrus and enhances its flavor.

The recommended amount is as always the one that we obtain with the account of 1001, 1002 and 1o03 while we serve it.

Step 4. We serve the tonic

In this combination it is important to use a tonic with enough gas, that is why we have selected the Schweppes tonic that will mitigate a little the effect of citrus on the carbonic. Other tonics like Fever-Tree or QTonic can seem like water once served over this accumulation of citrus.

To serve it, we are especially careful to cause the least impact on it, so, with care and supported by the spoon, we let it slide into the combined.

Step 5. Enjoy

Without stirring and letting it rest for a few seconds we will have a bubbly and colorful Gin Tonic very suitable for a desktop or the beginning of the night.

Enjoy it in moderation (remember, it’s your responsibility).

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