The Gin Tonic with rose petals offers a wide variety of nuances and becomes a classic. The choice of gin and tonic is key to its preparation. Gin is a drink that allows multiple combinations. The floral ingredients are a classic for gin and gin cocktails. Rose petals have always been a very present gastronomic ingredient both in dishes and in glasses. Its subtlety and depth make it a unique ingredient whose aroma enriches all kinds of presentations.

Gin Tonic With Rose Petals
Gin Tonic With Rose Petals

Rose petals offer a great variety of nuances and allow you to combine different ingredients. If something is essential when preparing a good gin and tonic with rose petals, it will be the correct selection of gin. However, a good gin cannot be accompanied by just any type of tonic.

Gins to Be Combined With Rose Petals

  • Hendrick’s: flowers, roots, fruits and seeds that complement and set the rose petals and cucumber.
  • Pink 47: soft and with citrus aromas that, due to its botanicals, such as Italian juniper, combines very well with rose petals.
  • Tann’s: incorporates rose petals among its botanicals, so adding them will intensify its aroma.
  • Master’s: with marked juniper flavor and citrus notes, which combines very well with the floral aroma of the rose
  • G’vine Floraison – It is distilled with vine flowers, so the rose petals will be the perfect touch for this floral gin.
  • Citadelle: contains flowers and notes of spices, so the rose petals accompany very well its aromatic flower compounds.
  • Fifty Pounds: A secret combination of fruits, herbs and flowers, so it goes perfectly with any of them.
  • Port of Dragons Floral: A floral gin that pairs very well with rose petals.

Tonics to Combine With Rose in a Gin Tonic

  • Fentimans: citrus, floral and sweet with herbaceous notes.
  • Fever Tree: quinine, cane sugar, mineral water and citrus.
  • Original Blue: with 12 botanical ingredients. Smooth and deep.
  • Britvic: sweet and citrus, it combines perfectly with all kinds of gins.
  • Indi: composed of totally natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial sweeteners.
  • Markham: smoothness, a slight bitter touch and a perfect combination of its botanical components.
  • Schweppes Original Heritage: fresh, crystalline, ideal for all types of gins.
  • 1724: very refreshing and with a finish of citrus and ripe cherry.

How to Prepare a Gin Tonic With Rose Petals

For its preparation you will need: ice, rose petals, lime or lemon peel and gin.

First of all, you will have to prepare a ball-type glass with ice to the brim. The glass is moved so that the ice is cold and then the water that has melted is poured. Then, with a measurer or shot glass filled to the top, add 7 to 5 cl of gin.

Then let it rest for a few seconds. Once the gin is inside the glass, add the rose petals and a couple of strips of lime or lemon. An important detail will be to slide a strip around the circle of the glass, so that it leaves its aroma.

Finally the chosen tonic is added. It is important to use the preparation spiral. In case of not having it, a spoon is used that serves as a slide so that the bubbles do not escape. Another option is to add the tonic directly on one of the ice cubes or stuck to the wall of the glass.

Afterwards it is gently stirred to be able to taste a floral and aromatic gin and tonic. Also, depending on the mixture, you can use other botanicals such as: strawberries, raspberries, orange peel and juniper berries.

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