In a previous post, we have seen the particularities of the French gin G ‘Vine Floraison. We have commented that, due to its preparation and ingredients, it is a very smooth gin, ideal as an aperitif and as part of a short cocktail. However, its richness in nuances and aromas will allow us to make a soft and refreshing Gin Tonic, valid for any time of the day.

Let’s see step by step how to make an original Gin Tonic, although not in the strict sense since we use the Lemonade variety from Fever-Tree instead of tonic. A simple preparation with which we will obtain an attractive result even for those who do not like this combination. The most classic of you can use the variety of tonic from the same brand Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic.


  • Gin G’Vine Floraison
  • Fever-Tree Lemonade
  • Green grapes
  • Raspberries
  • Ice

In addition, we will need a balloon glass or wide-mouthed glass (never a highball glass) and a teaspoon to serve the tonic.

Step 1. Serve the ice and chill the glass

We fill the glass with abundant ice. Contrary to popular belief that the more ice the thinner the glass, if the ice is good, the more ice the longer the cocktail will keep cold, the longer it will take to get rid of and spoil the flavor of the Gin Tonic. Therefore, we fill the glass to the top with ice, without saving in this step.

Next, we stir the ice in the glass in order to cool the glass of it. We can do it with the help of a spoon or by turning the glass on itself. Once cooled (we will notice it in the glass), we decant the glass in case water has formed at the bottom.

Step 2. We serve the Gin

We start serving the gin from a certain height, so that it is oxygenated. As always, we recommend a cautious measure (count 1001, 1002 and 1003). More with this gin, whose smooth aroma and entrance can play a trick on us.

Step 3. Seasoning

We take a green grape and cut it into thin slices in order to enhance the flavor of the gin grape. We also add a couple of raspberries (try to avoid the desire to fill the glass with raspberries, since we can turn the drink into something edible).

Step 4. We serve the mixer

Since for this Gin Tonic we have not used any citrus, we are going to combine it with the Fever-Tree Lemonade variety that will give it a light and smooth lemon flavor. We should not do this with any lemon soda, since we would lose all the essence of the gin. The Fever-Tree Lemonade is especially suitable for mixed drinks, it does not mask the flavor of the original gin ingredients based on sugar.

We serve it using a braided spoon as a slide or support (we let it slide into the glass by the spoon), in order not to degas and lose the carbonic in the service of it due to the impact against the glass.

Step 5. Enjoy

We already have the Gin Tonic prepared, let it rest a little before consuming it (do not stir) in order to mix the flavors. Try offering it to someone who does not like Gin Tonic and you will see how they change their mind immediately. The G ‘Vine has that effect on people. It can provoke the rejection of the most classic consumer of gin, but it can bring this distillate closer to typical consumers of other spirits. Enjoy it in moderation (remember, it’s your responsibility).

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