After seeing in a previous post the multiple and, incidentally, curious cucurbit and floral (or pinkish) features of Hendrick’s Scottish gin, below we are going to get the most out of it and prepare one of the most fashionable combinations currently; Hendrick’s Cucumber Gin Tonic.

Banner and flag of the new possibilities of making a classic like Gin Tonic, we will see step by step how to make a combination that leaves no one indifferent. Beyond fads and eccentricities, we serve cucumber to Hendrick’s Gin Tonic because it is what combines best, if you had to add banana to enhance its flavor, rest assured that we would too.


  • Hendrick’s Gin
  • Tonic QTonic
  • Cucumber
  • Ice

Additionally, we will need a balloon-type glass (essential in this combination) with the widest possible mouth, and also a braided spoon for the delicate service of the tonic.

Step 1. Serve ice and chill the glass

With ice as cold as possible, we fill the glass to the limit. We try to maintain the ideal temperature of the Gin Tonic for as long as possible, and avoid that poor quality ice will draining us before it is necessary.

Once filled with cubes, we stir in order to cool the glass of the glass, either with a spoon or by shaking it circularly. Once cooled, we decant the water that may have formed.

Step 2. Serve the gin

A few centimeters away from the glass, we serve the gin counting 1001, 1002, and 1003. With the height, we achieve that the gin is oxygenated, and with the account, we avoid loading the Gin Tonic with too much alcohol.

Step 3. Seasoning

Cut two thin slices of cucumber and pour them into the glass, letting them rest for a few seconds so that the ice absorbs the aroma of cucumber.

Step 4. We serve the tonic

This step is important and more so when using a QTonic tonic in this case. With the help of a braided spoon that we will place in the glass as if it were a slide, we gently pour the tonic trying to lose as little gas as possible. The advantage of the QTonic is that it is totally clean when it comes to combining, avoiding that any additives hide the flavor of the gin, on the other hand, its bubble is extra-fine, so we must serve it with the greatest possible caution.

Step 5. Enjoy

Once served, without stirring, let it rest for approximately thirty seconds to one minute, we will ensure that all the ingredients begin to mix correctly. Simple, fast, and elegant, we have already prepared an up-to-date Gin Tonic with a totally different flavor than usual.

Enjoy it in moderation (remember, it’s your responsibility).

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