There was a time when the current variety of gins did not exist. The habitual or sporadic consumer of Gin Tonics was torn between Larios, Gordon’s, Tanqueray, Beefeater, and Bombay. When he was looking for something more special he would turn to the blue version of the latter. It was the premium par excellence, and probably the only one of that range in many places.

Times have changed but it is still the favorite of many people, those who are not influenced by fashions and seek their life-long Gin Tonic; the simple one, the one that you don’t need quirky decorations to enjoy. In tribute to all of them, among which we include ourselves, today we bring an unforgivable absence on the blog; Bombay Sapphire.

Those who are looking for something original in this Gin Tonic, better switch to our Recipes section, today’s Gin Tonic could be defined as a basic or basic wardrobe. The Gin Tonic of a lifetime and the one that will probably last in the end.


  • Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Fentimans Tonic
  • Ice
  • lime

We will serve everything in a balloon-type glass, in this case from Zara Home, which accepts a good number of ice cubes. To help us in the service of the tonic we will use a spiral spoon.

Step 1. We serve the ice and cool the glass

We fill the glass with abundant quality ice. remember that this is one of the key points of the Gin Tonic, the better the ice, the better the final result.

With the help of the spoon or by turning the glass on itself, we cool the interior walls of the same. We will notice that it is cold due to the condensation of the glass, if after this step the ice has released some water, we pour it out and if after the cubes settle, there is room for any more ice pieces, do not hesitate to add it.

Step 2. We serve the gin

In the usual measure, watering the ice, we serve a prudent measure of gin, remember that the tonic that we are going to use is 125 ml. Let’s not overdo the gin service or we can ruin the Gin Tonic. A count of 1001 to 1003 while serving is sufficient (even if it has a dispenser).

Step 3. Seasoning

We cut two strips of lime peel. A wide one that we will use to season and garnish, and a smaller one that we will squeeze over the ice and go around the rim of the glass.

Step 4. We serve the tonic

To reinforce the citrus character of the Gin Tonic, we use in this case the Fentimans tonic. To the basic ingredients of the gin and the lime seasoning, this tonic will add its citrus touches strengthened by its minimal increase in alcohol.

We stick the teaspoon in the center of the tonic and, gently, such that if it were a slide, we let the tonic slide into the cocktail. We try to keep the bubble of it intact in the service.

Step 5. Enjoy

A classic, the one that will never disappear, a classic Gin Tonic. Let it rest for about thirty seconds and we can enjoy an unbeatable combination. For those unrelated to fashions and who enjoy simple things. Enjoy it in moderation (remember, it’s your responsibility).

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