Cold distilled. 14 botanicals. One of the most attractive packaging today. Unmatched freshness and exclusivity that is reflected in its price. This is Oxley, a gin that we analyzed in-depth a long time ago and to which we owed a Gin Tonic from the first time we tasted it. Today we are going to redeem ourselves.

We recommended it for short cocktails and even to accompany it only with a little ice and a lemon twist, but we did not doubt its aptitude for our favorite combination. Today we are going to try to get the thorn in a simple and classic Gin Tonic ideal for this good weather that, finally, seems to be beginning to arrive. You can see the preparation, step by step, after the jump.


  • Gin Oxley
  • Schweppes Pink Pepper Tonic
  • Ice
  • lime
  • Jamaican pepper

We will serve the whole set in a large capacity Burgundy glass (820 ml.). Those of this preparation belongs to the Zara Home house that gives an excellent result at an unbeatable price at a domestic level.

We will also help each other, in several steps of the preparation, with a small braided cocktail spoon.

Step 1. We serve the ice and cool the glass

Con hielo de supermercado llenamos la copa hasta el borde. A mayor y mejor hielo mejor resultado, por lo que es importante no escatimar en este paso. Estamos ante el ingrediente más barato y más esencial en todo Gin Tonic que se precie.

With the help of the spoon, we turn the ice clockwise, until the condensation indicates that we have cooled the glass walls sufficiently. If after this step some water has formed, pour it out.

Step 2. Seasoning

We will also use a couple of allspice fruits to add a sweet touch to the combination. Don’t be fooled by the name, allspice is not a typical pepper, at least in the spicy sense of the term.

We cut a strip of lime peel as thin as possible. We pass it around the edge of the glass and introduce it on one side of it.

Finally, we will cut a slice of lime that we will use to decorate the combination. Before most purists jump into the jugular; We will put it on the edge of the glass as a decoration, you do not have to touch the cocktail at all. But if someone wants to introduce it in it because they prefer to accentuate the flavor of it, welcome. Here we have served lemon wedges since ancient times in the Gin Tonic and we have enjoyed it as much as now.

Step 3. We serve the gin

With the help of a meter, we serve a prudent measure of gin, about 5 centiliters, which we pour in circles on the ice. In case of not having a meter, with the bottle slightly inclined we can serve it counting from 1001 to 1003.

Step 4. We serve the tonic

As with allspice, we have opted for Schweppes pink pepper tonic in order to spice up and slightly fruity the final Gin Tonic result. A refreshing and smooth Gin Tonic to which this tonic will provide the ideal counterpoint to the lime poured into the glass.

With the help of a teaspoon, we serve the tonic in the cocktail. Letting it slide into it around the braided metal.

Step 5. Enjoy

Let it rest, without stirring, for about thirty seconds and we already have a refreshing and slightly sweet and spicy Gin Tonic. Ideal for a sunset or early evening on the terrace. Enjoy it in moderation (remember, it’s your responsibility).

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