Today we will tell you about the nosing glass for tasting gin and tonic. Here you will find out what this is all about, and why you need nosing glass if you a fan of good spirits. For example, we will review Spiegelau Nosing Glass from the Perfect Serve Collection.

Nosing Glass for Gin
Spiegelau Nosing Glass

Behind the Perfect Serve Collection is the traditional German brand Spiegelau from the Bavarian administrative district of Upper Palatinate. Taken exactly from Neustadt an der Waldnaab. They created this nossing glass in collaboration with Stephan Hinz the award-winner manager, and owner of the bar Little Link. The Perfect Serve Collection was created for the extraordinary demands of everyday life.

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From looks and weight in hand to the sound of glass. A glass of this brand touches all the strings of the soul. Thanks to a special cut decoration, the glasses show a unique refraction and brilliance. They are perfectly balanced in size and weight, and even fit in standard freezers for pre-cooling. In addition, the crystal glasses are extremely scratch-resistant, robust and dishwasher-safe. The long style prevents the spirit from being heated up by the warmth of the hand.

Finally, the bulbous design of a nosing glass increases the air exchange. This allows the flavor notes to develop better and the aromas are then bundled at the edge of the glass. With gin in particular, you can perfectly absorb the often very filigree nuances in your nose and disassemble them down to the smallest detail. Make sure to try it out, you will be amazed.


The nosing glass from the Perfect Serve Collection, with its appealing design and polished glass base, offers a perfect starting point for taking in the delicate herbal and fruit nuances of gin. We have reviewed the quality nosing glass. I am sure you will not regret buying a set of this wonderful glass for yourself collection. The only drawback of the nosing glass is, unfortunately, that you cannot drink the gin comfortably from it. But that’s what the tasting glass is for these porposes.

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