What Kind of Glass for Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic Cocktail Glasses

The gin cocktail tastes much better in the perfect glass, but which is the right gin and tonic glass? There are countless opinions and big choices glasses for gin. But what kind of gin and tonic glasses are there, and what’s the difference between them? We have put together our favorite gin and tonic glasses types for you and tell why we like to drink our gin cocktail from these glasses. Every glasses has its specific property that makes the gin cocktail unique.

Сlassic Long Drink Glasses

long drink glasses
Beautifull long drink glasses

The classic long drink glass, everyone knows it, and everyone drank from it the classic gin and tonic. We also think that the classic long drink glass is ideal for a gin cocktail. As the name suggests, classic gin cocktails can be served and enjoyed very well here. The glass with a capacity of 400ml leaves enough space for ice cubes, curled lime zest, tonic water and of course gin – classic and stylish.

Gin Tumblers

Gin Tumblers
Gin Tumblers Example

The gin and tonic is a little more unusual to drink in a so-called tumbler. The glass certainly reminds many of whiskey. However, this glass is ideal for a 1: 1 or 1: 2 mixture of gin and tonic. The gin is clearly in the foreground here.

Gin Highball Glass

Highball glass for gin
Highball glass for gin

The highball glass is similar to the classic long drink glass. The main difference is only in the filling quantity. Gin highball glass holds 300ml and not 400ml like the classic long drink glass. The glass is suitable for simple garnishes with limes or rosemary and is the perfect vessel for every gin and tonic cocktail.

Copa Glasses for Gin

Copa Glasses for Gin
Copa Glasses for gin

A real eye-catcher is a gin and tonic in a Copa glass. The special thing about it is the bulbous shape of the glass. It leaves the lavishly garnished gin cocktail, served with ice cubes, enough space to develop its aromas and thus ensures an absolute taste experience.

Nosing and Tasting Glasses

This type of glasses stands out. Because they are not used for daily gin drinking. Nosing glasses are used in exhibitions, presentations and other gin events. They are designed to better demonstrate the smell and taste of the drink. However, such glasses are also there are in home collections of gin connoisseurs.

Our Tip for You

Before serving the gin cocktail, place the glass in the freezer for 7 to 10 minutes so that the ideal drinking temperature lasts as long as possible. The ice cubes do not melt as quickly and the chilled tonic water retains its refreshing temperature for longer – perfect for hot summer days.

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