I love Gin Tonic. Without abusing it, as long as it can contribute something to me, never out of necessity. I would survive without him perfectly, but I appreciate his company at certain times. In excess it is a disaster, like everything in this life. Too bad I couldn’t do the same with tobacco.

I love a well prepared Gin Tonic. That is why, every day more, I hate asking for it anywhere. I don’t enjoy it, I doubt what they have served me, and I loathe waking up the next day … and the next and the next … it’s sad, but with each passing year, I have another next in this equation.

I love the Gin Tonic in company. I don’t like to drink alone. I do not see benefits. I don’t force anyone to drink either, I just ask for company to share the moment. It tastes better and is much more enjoyable. Something with wheels doesn’t help me. I don’t like Russian roulette.

I love the Gin Tonic in a balloon glass. I also like the glass of cider. I hate the highball glass. They should banish him. A good gin pouring into a highball glass is like eating Kobe beef out of a plastic plate. Sure it has a thousand services, but for the Gin Tonic it is NOT worth it.

I love Gin Tonic with lots of ice. Yes, but good ice to chill, not ice to melt in the glass. It is different, although it may seem the same. I don’t like food-flavored ice. If you keep ice, separate it from the fish or meat. Javier de las Muelas knows how to innovate, mix flavors and sensations, your freezer does not distinguish a squid from a cube, and if he can join them … rest assured that he will. I also like ice made with infusions or spices, but I don’t usually have that long, I appreciate them but I don’t prepare them.

I love the well-seasoned Gin Tonic. Well seasoned does not mean with just anything. Something that enhances the gin, that is part of its composition or contributes something to it. That contributes aroma, never flavor. As it has become fashionable, now they serve you an herbalist in the glass and they are so wide. Are you taking the cucumber? Come on, cucumber with Citadelle. No. This doesn’t work like that. Each sheep with her partner. Simplify and you will win. If you don’t have gin botanicals, lemon is your wardrobe staple. It never fails. Remember, just the skin. Leave the juice for a lemonade, it is very chic, yes, but it is not for the Gin Tonic. If I can choose, I’ll stick with the lime peel and a couple of pressed juniper balls.

I love Gin Tonic with a good gin. Which one? The one you like the most. Okay, you have to get wet. Depending on the time of day this or this. Good excuse. You have to make up your mind. Not everyone can, and does not need, to have several different bottles. If in the end, we are animals of habit. You can like many things, but you always prefer something over the rest. Ok, let’s not give it more laps, let’s get wet. I love Martin Miller’s. I have not found another like it. I can use the normal and the Westbourne. Expensive? It can, but not as much as others and justifies its price. Cheap is sometimes expensive.

I love the smooth Gin Tonic. This is like Cola Cao, not because it takes more it tastes better. On the contrary, it loses its virtues and you don’t even know what you’re drinking. How fine it is to have to empty part of the alcohol that they serve you in the glass! I know, it is vulgar, but it is also vulgar that certain people are allowed to serve drinks. There’s a lot here from when I don’t know what to do I set up a bar. And of course, what happens happens. Ok, so what measure do I do? I could tell you five centiliters, but surely you would not have a measuring glass to serve it. Do not worry me neither. Start serving from a certain height and count from 1001 to 1003. Done. No more is needed. Flavor and possibility of repeating. Enough.

I love Gin Tonic with a good tonic. Almost anybody is good for me, but as a bottle, please. I have my favorite of course. The normal Fever Tree. But I don’t hate Schweppes for it. I do not understand these fanaticisms. I have Gin Tonic expert friends who would never change Schweppes. They have more criteria and palate than I do to talk about distillates. I respect their opinion and they mine. All happy. As it should be. It won’t taste better to me because they drink Fever Tree. What I don’t like is shaking it, it doesn’t give me anything, except that the carbon dioxide hurts you. Very spectacular yes. Very watery, too. I serve it with affection, delicately, with love, that it enters the glass gently, that it does not lose gas from the impact, that it slide gently … I have been moved. You have to serve it carefully and that’s it. No aerial flourishes.

I love the reposado Gin Tonic. Never scrambled. How beautiful the cocktail spoons in the bars, a couple of turns and how good it looks. Without strength. We repeat, how nice to spin it … look how the bubbles rise … perfect, we have already spoiled the tonic. Let it rest for a few seconds after serving it, it’s their thing. We admire him for a few seconds and then we are done with him. It is a shortened version of the history of mankind.

I love Gin Tonic as I just described it. If you like it in another way, it seems perfect to me. Enjoy it as I enjoy it. Share it with me and change your mind. I do not have the absolute truth, nor do I look for it, the colors were created for tastes. If tomorrow I find a better recipe, I will change. I don’t track her, but I don’t run from her either. If you want to see how I prepare it step by step, you can follow this Link.

I love Gin Tonic. Final point.

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