What is Plymouth gin? Plymouth gin is both a term for its own gin style and a traditional gin brand with a rich history. Plymouth gin is also the definitive Navy Strength Gin.

what is plymouth gin
Plymouth Gin Distillery

Stolen Plymouth Gin

After several court decisions in the 1880s, it was determined that this gin had to be produced within the city walls of Plymouth. This is no longer the case. After this law clause expired in 2015, the name Plymouth is no longer reserved for gin made in the city of the same name.

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin could not be anything other than a British gin, but not just any, but the symbol of the Royal Navy and an indispensable… Read more

So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. That may not be so strange. For a gin lover, it would be blasphemous to drink a “fake” Plymouth gin. Plymouth beverage is made in exactly the same way as a London Dry Gin. Plymouth gin is less dry and has a rounder juniper flavor. This is due to a larger proportion of root growths than is usual in other types of gin.

Interesting Facts

Blackfriars Distillery has been housed in the same premises since 1793. With the exception of a few years in the mid-90s, the recipe for Plymouth Gin has remained unchanged since 1793. The distillery is housed in a building that was originally a convent of the Dominican Order, the building dates from 1431.This building survived the German bombing during World War II, however, there was a pause in gin production from 1942 to 1945, due to lack of raw materials.

Blackfriars Distillery is today the only remaining distillery in Plymouth. Recently, the distillery has changed its name to Plymouth Distillery. In 2008, the distillery and brand name were acquired by the French company Pernod Ricard.

There are currently four varieties of Plymouth Gin made:

  • Original, 41.2%
  • Original duty free version, 47%
  • Navy Strength, 57%
  • Sloe Gin, 26%

For almost 200 years, no British Royal Navy ship left the quay without the Plymouth Navy Strength Gin on board.For an equally long time, it was a tradition for each ship to receive a so-called commissioning kit – a set consisting of gin bottles with accompanying glasses.At the busiest time, around 1850, over 1,000 barrels per year were sold to the British Royal Navy.

Where Is Gin Originally From?

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No other gin has been involved in as much as the Plymouth Navy Strength Gin. It has experienced the sailing ship era for better or worse, and been part of an incredible number of major historical events just because it was part of the navy’s ships and part of everyday life for several centuries.

We end with what Plymouth calls his favorite maritime cocktail; “Pink Gin”. You will be amazed at the content – this is a great alternative to a Dry Martini.

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